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Welcome to Grapevine Community Church

We are a church family of all ages and backgrounds based in Illogan, Cornwall. Everyone works to support and encourage one another, and it’s somewhere people can meet God – this could be the place for you. Our aim is always to bring out the best in each other, to point the way to Jesus, and to love people in the process. Grapevine wants to be known as inclusive, welcoming all without discrimination. Why not drop in, make some new friends, and join us on an exciting faith building journey – together? You will be guaranteed a warm and friendly reception. Need to find us – just hit the Contact Us button at the top of the page?

Happy Christmas from Grapevine!

This Christmas we are hiding 1000 Grapevine knitted angels for you to find, each with their own label and a short message. We hope they are a blessing to you. Please give them a good home. If you find one, why not post a picture of your angel on our Grapevine Community Church Angel Facebook page?

We’ve also been busy placing our painted pebbles around the area to encourage and bless anyone who finds them. These have a picture with a scripture or saying. We hope you like them. Please keep or re-hide, it’s up to you, but all come with our blessings and best wishes. If you want to encourage our painters, why not post your find by joining our group on the Grapevine Community Church Rocks Facebook page ?

A Happy Christmas from all of us at Grapevine!
Why not come and join us at one of our services if you’re free?
Big Blessings to you.



Our main worship service is on a Sunday morning at 10.30am. It’s informal, sensitive, family friendly and starts as soon as we enter the building. We like taking our time to meet, greet, chat and welcome so start times can a bit flexible! The kids stay with us for the first part of the service and then join our Sunday Clubs before the teaching talk starts. Free refreshments are available for everyone after the service.

We always aim to include teaching which is passionately delivered, practical and relevant. This is followed up in our mid-week discussion groups where we can truly get to know one another and make lasting friendships.

There’s a lot going on at Grapevine so visit our What’s On page to find out about our weekly groups, activities and special events.

It can be challenging coming into an unfamiliar place for the first time and meeting new people, but we are here to help. You will be guaranteed a warm welcome and encouraged to ask as many questions as you like. Come in and make yourself at home, take your time, it’s all very informal and friendly.

If you want a visit or a chat just let us know. All things start with that first step.

We have welcome cards at Grapevine where you can leave your details so that we can keep in touch and let you know what’s going on in the church. Alternatively you can leave us your details by using the online contact form.

There is great satisfaction in being part of something bigger than ourselves and it all begins when we join in. Come along and experience the way this church works. Take your time and relax, let Jesus speak to you. Make some friends, then when you are ready take the step and get involved. It could be one of the best things you do.

As personal faith grows, we encourage everyone to do something for others as part of the church, serving the community and sharing the gospel message in action. No act of servanthood is considered too small. There is true satisfaction in putting others before ourselves.

Find out with us what Being Church is about and how we can grow our faith together.

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