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How do I?

Questions About Church
Can I just turn up?
Yes! The first visit to any new place can be challenging and daunting when you walk through the doors, but it’s worth taking the step. Sunday services here are informal and friendly; you will be given a warm welcome.

All our regular activities are organised by volunteers who are approachable and encouraging. Just come and say hello? Everyone is welcome. View the What’s On page to find out whats going on and when.

How do I contact church?
There are many ways that you can get in contact us, phone, email, Facebook – just to name a few. All details of these can be found on our Contact Us page. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.
How do I find out whats happening?
All our weekly activities, latest news and upcoming events are posted on our What’s On page on this website. We also produce a short newsletter each week which can be collected from the church. The latest news is always included on our Facebook page as well.
How do I join a group?
If you would like to join one of our groups or be part of our regular activities, please just drop in or ask. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and help with the work we do.

Our What’s On page has a list of weekly activities, groups and special events.

If you would like further information then please get in tough with use by using our Contact us page.

Is the church family and child friendly?
Absolutely. We do as much as we can to involve and encourage families and our younger members through a range of activities and clubs, as well as participation in our services. All are regular social and church activities are free.
Are there refreshments after the Sunday service?
Yes. We always serve refreshments after our services. This is a great time to chat and make friends. There is no charge, just stay and enjoy yourself.
Questions About Christianity
How do I ask for prayer?
Everything begins with prayer and everyone one is encouraged to pray as part of their daily spiritual routine. We also believe that praying together is important. If you have any requests for prayer, there’s always someone available to help. Requests can also be sent in using our Contact Form on the Contact us page or recorded in our prayer book at church. A prayer meeting also takes place every Saturday at 7.00am at the church.
I’m new and not a Christian, can I still come to Sunday services?
Of course! God meets us where we are and as we are. He loves you just as you are. Why not drop in, make some new friends and see if the style and structure is right for you?

Our Sunday Service is at 10:30 to 12:00, but that’s not the only thing going on at Grapevine. For example, the Alpha Course we run is a great way to find out more about the Christian faith. Checkout our What’s On page to find out more.

How do I become a Christian?
It all starts when you want to begin a personal relationship with Jesus. To do that, you can pray a simple prayer like this one;

“Lord Jesus Christ, I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life. I ask your forgiveness. Thank you for dying on the cross for me to set me free form my sins. Please come into my life and fill me with your Holy Spirit and be with me forever. Thank you Lord Jesus, Amen.” From Word for Today, by United Christian Broadcasters

This is your start to an exciting journey. If you want to ask about becoming a Christian, please get in touch.

Is knowing Jesus complicated?
No. Our aim is to present the gospel message clearly and practically, in a way which is easy for everyone to understand and believe. Our manifesto, if you like, is to show that knowing and loving Jesus is easy and straightforward.
How can I grow my faith?
There are some simple practical, personal steps you can take to build your faith. Read your Bible as much as you can and make prayer part of your day. Give thanks to God as much as possible and use the gifts God has given you to serve others. Build on the practical teaching introduced in our Sunday services and discussion groups. If you haven’t been baptised, and you would like to, we’ll organise it for you.

Take time to worship God as much as you can with as much energy as you are able. Share your experiences with others and encourage them; invest time with people. Tell people what Jesus has done for you.

Consider enrolling on some of the courses the church organises and delivers like Alpha, Nooma, Saints Alive, or Exploring Christianity.

Get involved with one of our ministries. We’ve always found that the best way to be encouraged, is to go and encourage someone else.

Come and grow your faith with us.

How can I give to the church?
Grapevine functions on a voluntary basis and we are always appreciative of volunteer support and donations. Please contact us direct if you would like to give to the church or support us in our outreach work and we’ll get back to you.