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Grace at the centre

Grace at the centre

What’s it like to have grace at the centre of your ministry as a church? This is what Philip Yancy said after visiting a church in the U.S. who publicised it in this way.

“One grey fall day in Denver I visited an urban church that makes grace the centre point of ministry.”

Married, divorced or single here, it’s one family that mingles here.
Conservative or liberal here, we’ve all got to give a little here.
Big or small here, there’s room for us all here.
Doubt or believe here, we all can receive here.
Gay or straight here, there’s no hate here.
Woman or man here, everyone can serve here.
Whatever your race here, for all of us grace here.
In imitation of the ridiculous love Almighty God has for each of us and all of us – let us live and love without labels.

We like it!

Author: Ade Marks