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The Grumpy Preacher

Well it’s taken a global pandemic to finally rescue some of my old blogs which were lost when my site provider began asking me for money that I could ill afford especially when I have writer’s block for 98% of the year, but now thanks to wordpress.com I have a spanking new free site! You can find […]
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We need each other

The world is certainly a messy place at the moment with everyone affected by the impact of this awful virus. We just want to send out our love and best wishes to you, and pray that you may remain safe and well. It’s going to be tough for many, let’s think about ways we can […]
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Get Rocking

We hope you like our painted pebbles with their messages of encouragement. These are being dropped in the local area every week. We pray that the words or messages on these will find the appropriate person, brighten their day and speak into their hearts. It’s up to God.
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Natural Evangelism

The best thing we can do is to point others to Jesus. Does this come naturally? Does it bring fear up inside? Does the word evangelism make you sweat with worry? J.John has produced some interesting material on this known as the Natural Evangelism course. See what he has to say about it – the […]
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