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Irresistible Church

What’s it like to be an irresistible church? Come and join us for our latest series of talks each Sunday based on Wayne Cordiero’s book – The Irresistible Church. An irresistible church isn’t perfect, but we all have the power and capacity to help create one.
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Get Rocking

We hope you like our painted pebbles with their messages of encouragement. These are being dropped in the local area every week. We pray that the words or messages on these will find the appropriate person, brighten their day and speak into their hearts. It’s up to God.
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Natural Evangelism

The best thing we can do is to point others to Jesus. Does this come naturally? Does it bring fear up inside? Does the word evangelism make you sweat with worry? Well, our next topic at home groups will be Natural Evangelism. We’ll be using J.John’s resources to help us build our skills of sharing […]
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The Prayer Course

We are having a great time exploring the Lord’s Prayer together.  This is with Pete Greig and the resources from The Prayer Course.org  If you would like to join in, why not come along to one of our three Home groups? You would be very welcome.
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