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We may not always think it, we may not always believe it, we may not always want to do it, but we are all made for community. God has given us this need for community and a place where that need for is met, it’s called church! He gives us this place to belong. “If […]
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What made Jesus mad?

Our latest talk series is based on the book “What made Jesus mad? by Tim Harlow. This is about looking to live a life which reflects the heart of Christ. And the challenge? If we want people to truly find and follow Jesus, then we have to be willing to remove the things that block […]
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Irresistible Church

What’s it like to be an irresistible church? Come and join us for our latest series of talks each Sunday based on Wayne Cordiero’s book – The Irresistible Church. An irresistible church isn’t perfect, but we all have the power and capacity to help create one.
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Drop the Stones

Our latest Sunday teaching series is based on ‘Drop the Stones’ by  Carlos Rodriguez. Do we honestly get the gospel? Do we understand what pure grace and deep love actually is in practice? Then come and join us for this exploration of John 8 and maybe see things from a new perspective? You and I […]
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Latest talk series

Jesus is__________? What word would you put in the gap? This is an exciting series designed by Judah Smith looking at the character of Jesus and how his love totally changes us. Teaching is every Sunday at the church followed by discussion at the home groups on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Everyone is welcome.  
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